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Restore Vaginal Moisture & Urinary Health

As women age, their estrogen levels start to decline. This dip in estrogen causes the vaginal walls to start thinning, drying, and inflaming. This causes uncomfortable issues like vaginal dryness, a burning sensation, painful intercourse, and urinary conditions, like incontinence.

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The MonaLisa Touch in Austin at Helio Health and Wellness is a quick, painless, and non-surgical laser treatment for vaginal dryness, laxity, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, and pelvic pain. This procedure uses a fractional CO2 laser to focus light energy onto the vaginal walls, resulting in the stimulation of collagen production. The laser restores a normal pH and lubrication, as well as generates blood flow to the vaginal walls, pelvic floor muscles, and the urethra.

This quick treatment can get your vaginal health and pelvic floor back to their prime!

Treatment Details

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Sessions Needed: 


Results Duration:


What it Treats

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Laxity

Painful Intercourse

Urinary Incontinence 

Urinary Urgency and Frequency 

Pelvic Pain and Discomfort 

Why Try MonaLisa Touch in Austin?


Quick & Painless 

The treatment is completed in around 30 minutes with minimal discomfort.

Sex Life Revival 

MonaLisa Touch treatments offer a multitude of benefits beyond restoring vaginal lubrication. They can also help reduce vaginal laxity, enhance sensitivity, and promote overall vaginal health and wellness.

Zero Recovery Time 

You don’t have to take off work or stop your daily activities, no recovery time is needed for this non-invasive procedure.

What to Expect

The MonaLisa Touch Process



Prior to your MonaLisa Touch treatment with Helio Health and Wellness, you will meet with a provider to discuss your concerns, goals, expectations, and how the treatment can help. We will customize a treatment plan based on your specific goals, which will include the number of treatment sessions. For MonaLisa Touch, we usually recommend 3 treatment sessions.


MonaLisa Touch Treatment

For your treatment, you will simply relax on a chair for the 5-minute treatment session. A provider will use a small probe to deliver gentle, painless laser energy to your vaginal wall and labia tissue to stimulate blood flow and collagen production.


Next Steps

By the completion of the third treatment, you will experience an increase in vaginal lubrication, more enjoyable sex, and improved urinary health and continence.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to MonaLisa Touch in Austin, Helio Health and Wellness Recommends:

Clean the Area

Shower or bathe the morning before your treatment so that the area is clean.

Refrain From Using Creams/Lotions

Do not use any creams or lotions on the area for at least 3 days prior to the treatment.

Avoid Intercourse

Avoid intercourse at least 24 hours prior to the treatment.

Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

Following MonaLisa Touch in Austin, Helio Health and Wellness Recommends:

Follow-Up Sessions

Mark your calendar for your remaining treatment sessions. We usually schedule 3 treatment sessions spaced 6 weeks apart.

Avoid Intercourse

Avoid intercourse for 48 hours after the treatment so your vaginal walls can heal without interruption.

Resume Daily Activities

Since there is no recovery time following MonaLisa Touch, you can resume your daily activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of MonaLisa Touch?

Most patients don’t experience any side effects, but some patients may experience discomfort in the vaginal or pelvic area. Additional potential side effects inclde swelling, redness, bleeding or spotting, and an abnormal, thin vaginal discharge of pink or brown color.

Does MonaLisa Touch hurt? 

No, patients don’t report feeling any pain during the laser procedure.  We will also apply numbing cream to the area to ensure your comfort.

How quickly can I expect to see results? 

It varies. Some patients report feeling relief after the first treatment. Generally speaking, you can expect to feel the results after the second treatment.

Can I have sex after my MonaLisa Touch procedure?  

Refrain from having sex for at least the first 48 hours following each treatment session.

How long will the results last?

For many patients, results can last several years. We generally recommend coming in for touch-up treatments once annually.

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