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MonaLisa Touch: Postmenopausal Sex No Longer Needs to be Painful

In the years before and beyond menopause, your body changes as estrogen levels drop. These changes may be negatively affecting your sex life.

You’re likely to experience more frequent vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood swings, and even weight gain, which can hurt your self-confidence. These symptoms not only make you feel uncomfortable; they can also interfere with a normal, fulfilling sex life.

Vaginal dryness, atrophy, and irritation can make sex unpleasant and painful. While personal lubricants can be helpful during intercourse, they can also be messy and inconvenient. Pausing the action to address your dryness issues can take the magic out of the moment.

Tackling vaginal atrophy and dryness effectively

Counseling, dietary changes, and other therapies can help ease some symptoms of menopause, but the MonaLisa Touch® fractional laser system can eliminate vaginal dryness and atrophy without surgery or downtime.

Gynecologist Sherry Neyman, MD, offers fractional laser CO2 treatments to rejuvenate tissue in the vaginal canal. This laser energy stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, two essential building blocks of healthy skin tissue.

Rebuilding vaginal tissue

As the amount of collagen and elastin increases, your vaginal tissue plumps up and natural lubrication and elasticity is restored. Laser treatments with the MonaLisa Touch also help improve blood circulation in your pelvic region.

With better blood flow through your vaginal tissue, laser rejuvenation treatments can even help you enjoy heightened sexual pleasure.

Get fast results without surgery

MonaLisa Touch laser treatments are noninvasive, not painful, and require not one second of downtime. Dr. Neyman can determine how many treatments you need based on your desired results.

Treatments usually last about five minutes, and you don’t need a sedative or anesthesia. Dr. Neyman simply inserts the laser probe into your vagina to access the tissue. When she actives the probe, you may feel a mild, vibrating sensation while the laser energy is delivered into the tissue.

Immediately after your laser treatments, you can go back to work and your normal activities, without anyone being the wiser.

Not just for postmenopausal women

The MonaLisa Touch laser system isn’t just for postmenopausal women looking for relief. Treatments can work effectively for women who want to improve vaginal elasticity and dryness following a pregnancy, cancer treatments, or a hormone imbalance.

Fractional CO2 laser treatments not only provide you with results within just a few weeks; you can expect long-term relief of vaginal dryness and irritation. Dr. Neyman may recommend occasional maintenance treatments to ensure continued improvement of these particular postmenopausal symptoms.

End the embarrassment and pain of vaginal dryness

Women around the country are discovering the difference MonaLisa Touch laser treatments can make in their sex life. But many are still holding back, afraid to discuss the consequences menopause has on their sex life.

As an experienced and compassionate gynecologist, Dr. Neyman is very familiar with the range of emotions and physical changes women go through in the years leading up to menopause and well after.

Don’t let embarrassment or fear keep you from enjoying sex anymore. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Neyman to learn more about the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch laser therapy. Book your appointment online or call the office today.

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