Shannon Rubio

Certified Medical Assistant

Shannon Rubio is a seasoned professional with a diverse background, bringing a wealth of experience from both the beauty and healthcare industries. With a career that has spanned decades, Shannon has successfully transitioned from the world of barbering to becoming a trusted Certified Medical Assistant, specializing in women’s health.

As a Class A Master Barber, Shannon honed her skills to perfection, creating an environment where precision and attention to detail were paramount. The dedication to excellence cultivated during her years in the barbering industry has seamlessly translated into her healthcare career.

Shannon’s commitment to continuous learning and professional growth led her to pursue certification as a Medical Assistant, where she quickly became proficient in medical procedures, patient care, and administrative responsibilities. Her passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives guided her toward the field of women’s health, where she has dedicated herself to providing compassionate care and support.

Throughout her career, Shannon has demonstrated a unique ability to blend technical expertise with a personable approach, creating a comforting experience for her clients and patients alike. Her empathetic nature and commitment to promoting women’s health make her a valuable asset in any healthcare setting.

Shannon is excited to be a part of the Helio Health and Wellness team. She is motivated and eager to expand her knowledge as a medical assistant. She looks forward to building professional relationships with the patients as well as helping assist in guiding our patients in their journey towards improving their health and wellness to continue the activities they enjoy with their families and friends.