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How MonaLisa Touch Can Revive Your Self Confidence

A host of gynecological problems can impact your self-confidence, particularly if you’re experiencing menopause. A new innovative, new technology may help! The MonaLisa Touch® is a laser device that can help treat numerous issues, without surgery, in our office.

One of the biggest hurdles to getting help with your intimacy problems is actually seeking help. Many women, more than 90%, find it difficult to discuss these problems, even with their doctor. However, Dr. Neyman is a well-qualified expert, with deep knowledge and understanding of women’s health.

The stages of menopause

There are three stages to menopause: perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause. Most of the symptoms that people think of when they think of menopause—hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings—happen during perimenopause, the first stage.

Perimenopause is defined as the time between when your menstrual periods become less regular and one year from the date of your last menstrual period. Every woman experiences perimenopause differently, and there’s no set timeline for this stage. In rare cases, perimenopause can last as long as 10 years or more!

Menopause itself is actually only one day. The day one year from your last menstrual period is officially menopause.

The years following menopause are the postmenopausal years. This stage is marked by lower levels of hormones, which can lead to intimacy issues.

Common intimacy problems

Although some research shows that older couples enjoy better sex than most younger couples, there are some common problems that menopausal women experience when it comes to intimacy.

For example, vaginal dryness can decrease your enjoyment of sex, and urinary incontinence may leave you feeling self-conscious. Lower hormone levels may lead to vaginal atrophy or pelvic prolapse.

Two groups, the North American Menopause Society and the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, have adopted the name genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) to describe the group of symptoms that can accompany lower levels of hormones. Roughly half of women are affected by GSM.

The symptoms of menopause can certainly impact your sex life!

How MonaLisa Touch can help

MonaLisa Touch is a fractional laser. The energy from the laser can stimulate collagen production and hydration in the tissue of your vaginal canal, leaving that tissue firmer and more elastic.

Experts refer to what the MonaLisa Touch laser does as “tissue remodeling,” because increased collagen and better hydration changes the tissue. Vaginal dryness will decrease, while tissue elasticity increases. In other words, sex will return to being pleasurable rather than painful.

If hormone replacement therapy isn’t an option for you, treatments with MonaLisa Touch may be a particularly important alternative.

Individual treatment is key

One of the reasons that most women don’t seek treatment for GSM is that they don’t know effective treatments exist. The first step in reclaiming the pleasure of sex and regaining your self-confidence is to address the reasons you aren’t enjoying sex.

Your body is unique, and the process of menopause is different for everyone. You may not have hot flashes at all, yet experience the more intimate problem of vaginal dryness. Dr. Neyman takes a personal, individualized approach to treating you.

If you’re ready to explore solutions to your intimacy problems, book your appointment online or by phone with Dr. Neyman today.

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