Unwanted Tattoos

What Are Unwanted Tattoos?

Unwanted tattoos can be so annoying to look at! For many, that troublesome ink often serves as a nagging reminder of a bad decision. To make matters worse, poorly placed tattoos can make landing that dream job much more difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of your unwanted tattoos for good? Traditional tattoo removal systems are often painful and result in residual scarring. The right treatment system can make a world of difference. The PicoSure® device offered at Helio Health & Wellness can make removing unwanted tattoos a breeze! This specialized laser device can reduce the appearance of your ink without downtime or excessive irritation.

Trouble With Tattoo Removal

Most unwanted tattoo removal methods can be painful. However, the PicoSure® laser has been specifically created to deliver treatment while minimizing pain. This amazing laser uses PressureWave technology to provide cooling during the tattoo removal procedure. What this does is maximize your comfort without detracting from the laser’s effectiveness. At most, your procedure will feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin.

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How Can Helio Help Me?

Tattoo removal with PicoSure® is done through a series of treatment sessions. Each of these sessions is set about four weeks apart. The length of each tattoo removal session depends on the size and color of your ink. Most of the time, small tattoos can be treated in about an hour or less using this device. Larger tattoos may need a bit more time. When you visit our center for tattoo removal, we will do all we can to minimize your discomfort and maximize your results.

What Are the Results of Treatment?

The PicoSure® laser is really fast and super efficient! Most of our patients see permanent tattoo removal in as little as eight treatment sessions. After each of your sessions, you will be free to go home and enjoy the rest of your day. While some redness similar to a sunburn may be present after treatment, PicoSure sessions require no downtime! While it heals, we will provide you with some instructions on how to care for the treated area.


Removing Unwanted Tattoos in Austin, TX

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